Yoga on the Glacier

On this year’s International Day of Yoga, Sadhguru brought yoga to one of the most forbidding terrains on the planet. Check out the photos and Sadhguru’s expressions in tweets and video clips. Get a recap of his trip that led him all the way to Siachen Glacier, high up in the Karakoram mountain range.
Sadhguru observes the BSF soldiers at Siachen doing Angamardana on International Yoga Day, 2018 | Yoga on the Glacier


21 June, Meeting the brave soldiers of Siachen

An absolute privilege to be in the company of Indian Army soldiers who are standing guard braving the most demanding and treacherous conditions known to man. –Sg

21 June – Sadhguru offering yoga to soldiers at Siachen

Most exhilarating and humbling to be with the Siachen Warriors on this International Yoga Day 2018. May the nation celebrate the valour and sacrifice of these men. -Sg

21 June – The Mission on Yoga Day and Beyond

The science of Yoga is the panacea for all that ails humanity. The many dimensions of Yoga can be the basis of creating inclusive, joyful & exuberant human beings. On this fourth Yoga Day may we commit to offer these transformation tools to every citizen of this planet. –Sg

It's time that tools of transformation are in the hands of every individual. Not in the hands of organisations, gurus or scriptures but in the hands of every individual. As all problems on the planet are of human origin, it's individual human beings that need to be addressed. -Sg

21 June – Honoring those who sacrificed their lives

It is upon the foundation of service & sacrifice of our brave soldiers that all our activity & achievements rest. It is an overwhelming honour for me to be here in this hallowed space. Much regard & blessings. -Sg

21 June – Sadhguru on Yoga for Soldiers


21 June – Sadhguru’s Mystic Quote for the International Day of Yoga 2018

20 June – On the Way to Siachen

20 June – at the Hall of Fame Museum of the Indian Army in Leh

19 June – video message from Leh

Sadhguru accepting the Fitness Challenge


This year, we are focusing on our security forces. This IDY 2018, I'll be in Siachen with the Indian Army to train them in Angamardana, a powerful system of Yoga. It is our intention that our armed forces have the best. -Sg

I challenge @CMOTamilNadu @OfficeOfOPS @rajinikanth @mkstalin to participate in #FitnessChallenge to inspire the people of Tamil Nadu for a fit & healthy life. -Sg #HumFitToIndiaFit

18/19 June – Leh

Barren, dry and desolate but an absolute visual delight. In the lap of the mighty Himalayas at Leh. –Sg

Heartening to see the enthusiasm & involvement of Indian Army soldiers at Leh to make Yoga part of their lives. –Sg

This Yoga Day, we are at some of the world’s highest battlefields to equip our soldiers with Yogic tools of transformation, designed especially for those at high altitudes. –Sg

Love & Grace