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Pasapali Silk Cotton

Pasapalli sari is a handloom sari woven mainly in the Bargarh district of Odisha, India. Orissan culture is rich in tradition, art, architecture, dance and textile. The textile tradition here is ancient, with each part of the state having their own traditional weaves.

The western part of Odisha is home to the famous Sambalpuri sari which is popular across the globe. The Sambalpuri sari has got several variants and Pasapalli is one of them.

Pasapalli saris are hand woven out of silk and cotton yarns. They have a beautiful and exclusive “aanchal” or pallu (edge of the sari).

The name Pasapalli is derived from “pasā”, a gambling game using the chess board. These saris have intricate check patterns of contrasting colors resembling a chess board, which gives them the name Pasapalli.

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