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Koorainadu is a traditional handloom weaving center in Tamil Nadu. This sari is distinguished by its “checks & stripes” pattern, for which plain looms are used. It is made with pure silk and fine-twisted mercerized cotton yarn, in both warp and weft, in the ratio of 2:1, giving every Koorainadu sari a silk look.

A peculiar characteristic of this sari is the formation of cotton checks by the interlacing of warp and weft during weaving which can be woven only by an experienced weaver.

Koorainadu saris are mostly worn by the womenfolk of the Hindu community of Tamil Nadu. Green and yellow colors used in this sari make it auspicious for the community. Hence it is often worn by married women wishing for a long-lasting wedlock.

The nine-yard Koorainadu saris are made with cotton or cotton and silk, in checks or striped patterns with a contrasting border in yellow. Saris with wide borders are called temple saris because they are offered to the deities in the temple.

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