The 15th of April dawned bright and pleasant for the city of Mysore with the promise of more wonderful possibilities to come. Sadhguru was in Mysore, a town which had seen him through his youth, and his first Inner Engineering class in the city would begin in the evening. Even the weather seemed to be a secret accomplice to the endeavor, with the temperature remaining cool and salubrious and soft fluffy clouds shading the city from harsher afternoon rays of the sun.

The Suttur Math, which was hosting the event, was abuzz with anticipation as the program arrangements were revved up to a feverish pitch on this momentous day. Even the usually relaxed ashram elephant – Yes! Suttur Math actually has a huge and very impressive looking tusker, with a pair of tusks to match – seemed to pick up the excitement and was trumpeting periodically throughout the day.

From noon, the participants began to trickle in, individual after eager individual, many of whom were coming in from towns and cities nearby. There were even a few participants who had come in from Bangalore. They couldn’t wait to get a taste of Sadhguru and were too excited to wait for the Bangalore Program that is scheduled for July 2011.

The participants weren't the only cosmopolitan bunch. The 90 odd volunteers at the venue were from other centers such as Chennai and Hyderabad. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and English were flowing equally freely among the volunteers.

As 6PM, the scheduled start time of the program came closer, the brisk activity at the registration counters resembled a swarm of bees eagerly searching for nectar as the number of participants began to peak.


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Meanwhile, the hall setup was going apace with enthusiastic volunteers setting up row after row of chairs. Carpets were being laid out, the stage setup and decorations were being put up, and of course, Sounds of Isha were doing their sound check and incidentally regaling the volunteers with their favorite Isha tunes.

The dining team which had been working overtime since morning, serving volunteers and out-of-town participants sumptuous breakfast and lunch, were preparing for dinner. Isha Samskriti children, who have been volunteers for all of the mega-classes in Tamil Nadu, also joined.

At 6 PM, the whole atmosphere turned electric with Sadhguru’s arrival at the program hall. Elaborately welcomed with a gracious showering of flowers, Sadhguru was led to the hall with a procession including the “Veeraghase Kunitha,” traditional Karnataka drums, and instruments.

As Sadhguru made his way to the dais, Sounds of Isha played, setting a sweet atmosphere for the program to start.

Sadhguru initiated the participants into the “Isha Kriya” – a very simple, but highly potent practice which can be taught by anyone.

The class has officially begun…