Mother’s Day was extra special for 300 meditators from the US and Canada, as they spent the day with Sadhguru, planting 1008 trees in the new Isha Center in California.

On May 12, Mother’s Day, Sadhguru and around 300 Isha meditators from the US and Canada gathered at San Juan Bautista, California to plant 1008 olive trees on the hills of the newly founded Isha Center – a 62-acre parcel of land donated by a mediator a few years ago. Each of the trees was given a name by the person who planted it. The first tree was planted by Sadhguru, and he named his tree Bhooma. After a morning of tree planting, a scrumptious brunch was laid out by local volunteers. Later, everyone gathered near the wide canopy of the buckeye tree, under which Sadhguru conducted a sathsang. He shared how the yoga center in India took root many years ago, how it has grown since, and how he wishes to see the same in California. He announced that by September 15 2015, there would be a consecrated space and infrastructure at the California center. The volunteers and meditators are all fired up to make it happen!

As I planted and watered my trees, I realized that they would be standing on the hill long after my mortal body was gone. It was blissful knowing that my hands had left something for the future.

I was touched by the inspiring and humble leaders, the unwavering commitment of the meditators and the beautifully orchestrated enthusiasm and energy brought by our community. We created a movement, which I am so fortunate and grateful to be a part of.  I look forward to the impact the birthing of this center will make in years to come.



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