Stuffed Paratha with Raw Papaya & Ginger

Though paratha has its origins in the northern part of India, this popular flat bread treat is equally enjoyed by south Indians, not to mention the rest of the world. Today, we have a recipe for a paratha stuffed with raw papaya and ginger, which makes it all the more delectable. Enjoy!

Yield: Serves 4


For the Paratha

Wheat flour: 4 cups
Luke warm water
Salt: 1/2 tsp (optional)
All purpose flour – for rolling and dusting


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Raw Papaya & Ginger stuffing

Grated Raw Papaya: 1 cup
Grated Ginger: ¼ cup
Coriander Leaves: ¼ cup
Amchur (dry mango powder): 2 tbsp
Salt & white pepper powder - as required


  • Mix all the ingredients for the raw papaya and ginger stuffing.
  • Make 2 inch balls out of the stuffing and keep aside.
  • Mix wheat flour & water to make dough. Do not add salt or ghee.
  • Take a portion of the dough and roll into a circle of 4-inch diameter. Do not roll too much and too thin.
  • Place the stuffing in the center of the circle and fold the edges towards the center; cover and pinch the edges so that there are no wrinkles.
  • Now roll the stuffed dough gently again to form a circle.
  • If the dough cracks anywhere, close it using water or flour. Make the paratha round in shape by removing the extra stuffing from the edges.
  • Shake or rub off excess flour from the paratha and place it on a tawa/flat pan on medium heat.
  • Flip to the other side once you see bubbles appear on the surface. Allow it to cook for 10-15 seconds.
  • Increase the stove heat to high, gently pick the paratha with tongs, remove the tawa from the flame, flip the paratha over and place on the open flame.
  • Flip paratha over and cook on the other side.
  • When the paratha is almost cooked, remove from stove and apply ghee evenly on both sides.
  • Place the paratha in a muslin cloth and keep it covered in a container before making the next paratha.