Sadhguru's talk in Houston, Texas on October 22nd, titled "Yoga: A Force of Transformation" was attended by over 250 guests, including India's Consul General in Houston P Harish. The talk on Thursday organised by the Indian Embassy in collaboration with Asia Society, Texas Center.

Sadhguru explained how the practice of yoga can be a strong force for personal growth and transformation. With both discerning logic and hilarious wit, Sadhguru spoke of the four paths of yoga – karma, bhakti, gnana and kriya yoga – and explained how these paths can bring about stability in the body and mind that can lead to higher dimensions of experience and knowing. Sadhguru also asked the crowd whether they had discovered the user’s manual to the human being and invited them to consider technologies available for fostering inner wellbeing.

Here's a look at media coverage of the event.

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