Sadhguru in Bengaluru – April 2015

Sadhguru’s 3-day visit to Bengaluru included events at the IAS Officers’ Association and a conversation with Vinita Bali, Former MD of Britannia.
Sadhguru in Bengaluru – April 2015

Sadhguru's 3-day visit to Bengaluru, from April 9-11, began with a talk at the Bangalore Club on the 9th. The event was attended by over 1100 people. Sadhguru’s talk was also followed by a Q&A.

Sadhguru addressed a gathering of about 250 IAS officers and their spouses on April 10th. The event was hosted by the IAS Officers' Association (Karnataka), and after a brief talk, Sadhguru answered several interesting questions during the Q&A.

On the final day, Vinita Bali, former MD of Britannia Industries engaged Sadhguru in a conversation on “The Next Step.” The public event saw Sadhguru and Vinita talk about the spiritual process, the human mind, and much more.



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