Rally for Rivers – A Model for a Global Ecological Movement?

Rally for Rivers is being examined in earnest by the state and central governments in India. Meanwhile, it is also being seen by global leaders as a model ecological movement.

After a remarkable awareness campaign that brought 160 million people together, Rally for Rivers has taken many notable strides towards making the policy recommendations a ground reality. After millions of Indians responded with their concern about the desperate state of our lifelines and what has to be done to restore them, the state and union governments have responded as well. Six states – Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Assam and Chhattisgarh – have signed Memorandums of Understanding with Isha Foundation for river revitalization as a peoples’ movement. On-ground project planning has commenced in Maharashtra.

A Model Ecological Movement

And now, the rest of the world is taking notice too. Sadhguru was recently invited to the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) to address an elite international audience in a discussion with Erik Solheim, the Executive Director of UN Environment. Rally for Rivers was the topic of discussion. Special focus was placed on its success as a mass ecological movement, and as an example for other nations in involving the public in ecological concerns. The thousand-strong audience that attended the event consisted of the heads of nations, environmentalists, ecologists, policy-makers and other nation-builders and influencers from around the world.