The Navratri Celebrations at Linga Bhairavi started off this year with a Navarati Puja inside the temple. This was followed by a wonderful Bharatnatyam performance by Karuna Sagari Venkatachalam in the Adiyogi Alayam. Participants then gathered in front of the Dhyanalinga for the Linga Bhairavi procession and Mahaarti, an exuberant celebration of the divine feminine.

The evening closed with a Garba Dance in front of Dhyanalinga, after which devotees gathered for a Navratri Sadhana inside the Linga Bhairavi temple, which was open to all.

The first three days of Navratri have passed and we are in the the next three-day cycle, which is related to the Sun or Rajasic qualities of nature. Sadhguru elaborates more about the significance of this in today’s featured video.

These nine days, above all, to approach every aspect of life in a celebratory way – this is most important.


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