Joyful excitement filled the air as participants from all over the USA and some even from as far as Turkey and Africa came together on 10 September 2009 at Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, California for an Inner Engineering Intensive with Sadhguru. For many of them, "Midnights with the Mystic" had been the inspiration to attend the program. With eager anticipation to actually meet this mystic of whom they had read in person, they assembled for a candlelit dinner in a beautiful garden setting amidst koi ponds and fountains. As Sadhguru finally appeared, their faces lit up with amazement and joy, as if he had just leapt of the page into their lives.

True to the title of the program, the weekend was intensive in all aspects. Every moment was an opportunity to explore life anew. For the early morning sessions, many were sleepily scurrying down the hotel corridors to the meeting room but nonetheless excited to get started and be in Sadhguru's presence. In spite of aching legs and backs, participants visibly opened up and transformed with each session. Some enthralled and some inquisitive, but all were captivated by the profundity of what Sadhguru revealed about life.

As the weekend progressed and initiation drew near, the participants became more and more focused and intent. The anticipation was apparent as they prepared themselves for this moment that may transform their lives forever. After the initiation into Shambhavi Maha Mudra, the participants lent expression to their joy, awe, and gratitude in a dance led by a fantastically costumed meditator who induced even the shyest person to twirl and swirl and go with the flow.


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Volunteers expressed their amazement how once again, even those individuals with the greatest resistance were deeply touched and transformed by Sadhguru over the course of the program.

On the last day, the openness and warmth the participants shared with each other and the volunteers were overwhelming, as was their reverence and gratitude towards Sadhguru.

One participant from Oregon commented, "After twenty-eight years on the spiritual path, I have finally found an impeccable, intelligent teacher with an integrated system that actually works. I wouldn't have missed that course for anything!"

A woman from Nevada said, "I've been involved with a lot of retreats and programs but this is the first one that really makes sense to me. I'm extremely excited and feel I have a new lease on life!"

After the program, charged-up and inspired participants sat together and discussed how they could further the work of Isha and touch more and more lives in a most profound way.