Thiruvaazhi U, a volunteer at Isha’s first Young Leader’s Program, which took place on June 24, shares the experience of watching young entrepreneurs pick up the tools for both inner and business management.

It was an unexpected blessing and opportunity for me to witness the first ever Young Leader’s Program at the Isha Yoga Center on 24 June. True to its name, the program had young participants taking their first bold steps in entrepreneurial exploration.


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At breakfast, the team from the Isha Leadership Academy – the event organizers – spoke of how established business entrepreneurs have easier access to support and assistance, while the younger and smaller entrepreneurs lack guidance and nurturing. This program was precisely designed for such a target audience.

In keeping with the Isha way of doing things, one could see that every aspect of the program was meticulously planned and seamlessly executed. The program began with some simple yogic techniques, known as Upayoga, which provides participants with effective tools to keep them healthy, peaceful and relaxed despite their hectic business schedules.

A series of sessions followed, which took participants through a wide spectrum of case studies where they learnt about critical aspects of the challenging business environment and internalized these lessons as relevant to their specific contexts. It wasn’t all business as usual though. There was lots of fun, with refreshing games that the participants plunged into with joy and energy.
Each participant also worked on an actionable plan to achieve their business objectives, which the Isha Leadership Academy will help track and support.

Editor's Note: INSIGHT: The DNA of Success is a unique leadership program from the Isha Leadership Academy, which employs the experience and expertise of premier business leaders with a mystic’s technology for inner wellbeing to help individuals reach their peak potential materially and spiritually. Forthcoming dates: 27–30 November 2014, Isha Yoga Center.