Isha Yoga Center Issues Coronavirus Directives, Suspends All Programs Around The World

Responding swiftly to the public health advisory issued by the Government of India, Isha Yoga Center announced that programs at all its centers around the world have been suspended until further notice.
Isha Blog Article | Isha Yoga Center Issues Coronavirus Directives, Suspends All Programs Around The World

This is one of several precautionary measures that the Yoga Center, which receives thousands of visitors daily, has taken to ensure that the virus does not enter its premises.

All visitors are being medically screened before being allowed to enter the Center. Those living within the Center are being subjected to periodic screening. Yesterday, Sadhguru, Founder, Isha Foundation, announced that all those who travel frequently to deliver Isha programs “have been grounded, including myself.”  Sadhguru has put off his immediate engagements including an upcoming Inner Engineering mega program in Mumbai as well as a visit to South Africa in the first week of April. He also announced that residents at the Center will be screened every 3 days.

Isha is also sending out guidelines based on the government travel advisory, to all those who are planning to visit the Center. It is also requesting “Those who have had any symptoms of COVID – 19 in the last 28 days – including sore throat, cold, cough, fever, breathlessness, headache, runny nose, etc. – or have been in close contact with anyone having the above symptoms” to refrain from visiting.

In addition to making hand sanitizers available at all common points at the Center, Isha is also holding hygiene orientation programs for all and promoting respiratory etiquette. The precautions also extend to housekeeping, security and other ground staff who are employed at Isha.

Visitors to Adiyogi, located at the outer periphery of Isha Yoga Center, are also being offered hand sanitizers and are requested to follow the same precautionary measures followed at the Center.

Sadhguru urged everyone to remain alert and report anyone with flu-like symptoms to the Medical team at Isha Yoga Center. He said that as human beings are the carriers of the virus, it is important that each one of us takes the responsibility to ensure we do not spread it to others. “You must take this commitment: you will ensure that you will not be the carrier to give it to another human being,” he said.

The Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO. Its epicentre, Wuhan in China, was one of the first cities to be locked down. The virus has spread to Europe, America and parts of Asia. India has reported 114 infected cases with 2 deaths so far.

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