Isha Vidhya Participates in Global Giving and India Giving Challenge

Isha Vidhya is participating in the Global Giving and India Giving Challenge to raise funds for its newest school and to continue educating over 5000 rural kids. Find out how you can help.

Isha Vidhya was recently accredited by Give India and Global Giving, two of the most prestigious and globally recognized donation platforms. The accreditation helps Isha Vidhya connect new donors, institutions and corporates to underprivileged rural children in need of high-quality education. Additionally, Isha Vidhya well-wishers will find it much easier to invite their friends, colleagues and corporate HR teams to get involved and donate to Isha Vidhya.

Starting on September 1st till September 30th, Isha Vidhya is participating in the Global Giving Fundraising Campaign to raise funds for furnishing, lab equipment and other critical infrastructure of its ninth and newest school – Isha Vidhya Dharmapuri.

Isha Vidhya’s eight older schools are also working diligently to offer over 5000 rural children an English-medium, computer-based education on par with the best schools in urban India. Many of the students are the first in their families to attend school, and come from economically weak families where even three square meals a day are not guaranteed. Consequently, almost 60% of Isha Vidhya students are on a scholarship provided by donors.

Isha Vidhya also plans to introduce several new labs, toilet blocks, PA systems and solar power systems (essential in rural areas with irregular power supply) in the schools. Isha Vidhya is also participating in the India Giving Challenge to raise this amount from people who believe education can create positive change in society. The challenge kicks off on September 10th and will end on October 24th.

Those who wish to support Isha Vidhya can help Isha Vidhya meet its targets by donating and spreading the word among friends, family and colleagues. Every donation has the potential to change a child’s life.

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