Isha Kriya Week in Hyderabad was a buzzing affair. There were roughly one lakh DVDs to give away to the people of Hyderabad. Even before we began, the volunteer meetings were well attended and everyone had ideas on how they could contribute to the distribution. Then Sadhguru came to town and that was just the fillip everyone needed! Working on several verticals, volunteers organized themselves into teams and got cracking.

Retail stores, educational institutions, corporates, clubs and communities, apartments, healthcare units – all these were the scenes of Isha Kriya sessions in various ways. The Isha Kriya webgroup was bombarded with mails, updates, requests for volunteers and sharing of experiences. With so much groundwork laid and the sessions gaining momentum, the teams are finding that they need to continue to work beyond the ‘week’ – in fact, they are going to be alive to any opportunity to make people aware about this great offering.

Wherever possible, the effort has been to conduct sessions – these have ranged from small apartment level sessions with 10-15 persons to corporate sessions with about 400 people attending. We have had some moving reactions from the participants, and several enquiries about further programs.

It’s been a great experience for all to get together and work together in this manner. Suma shares her experience of offering these profound possibilities,


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“A person picked up a DVD at a park. He wants a session for his entire company of which he is a director. He said he has 70 acres kept aside for spiritual pursuit and for some rejuvenation. He wants all our volunteers to come and experience the place. He said there is a huge hall to do yoga which accommodates 300 people, and he wants our volunteers to conduct a program there. He also wants to invite Sadhguru!!”

Sadhguru has often remarked that humanity has sufficiently explored the material realm and is right now overripe for a spiritual process. If you would like to try out or offer Isha Kriya to anybody, please visit the Isha Kriya website or for a free DVD, contact: