I n February, Kampala experienced its first Isha Kriya taught to the public, organised by the ever growing band of Isha volunteers here in Uganda. With only one week of preparation, we dived straight into planning, getting the word out and creating a buzz using the Isha Uganda Facebook page, which proved to be a fantastic asset.

With fingers crossed, anticipating approximately 15 participants by mid-week, we were flabbergasted to have an overwhelming 38 participants. It was such a wonderfully invigorating experience to have so many participants to the first Isha Kriya, and it has really kicked off the Isha Kriya for Uganda with a bang!

The participants were so focused and alert!! Such a promising outcome to our first Isha Kriya was only the beginning of something very beautiful blossoming. The Isha Kriya seems such a perfect vehicle to raise awareness here. We have had a good response from the classes – 15 people attended the last Isha Kriya course we conducted. Since then, we have continued teaching the Isha Kriya every two weeks to create a solid introductory platform for Sadhguru and his visit later this year. After these sessions, our aim of at least 500 participants for Sadhguru's Inner Engineering course here seems well within Uganda's capabilities.

Sadhguru's visit will be the third Inner Engineering course here in Uganda. Just two years ago, there were only five Isha meditators in the whole of Uganda, but now we number over one hundred with a solid and energetic volunteer base. We can only wonder at the possibilities once Sadhguru’s Grace energizes this place and turns up the volume!!

The Isha Kriya followed by our usual monthly Sathsang left the volunteers sweetly charged and inspired to promote Isha and Sadhguru's gems here in the Pearl of Africa.

- Isha volunteers, Uganda

The next Isha Kriya session will be happening on May 26th in Kampala. View the invitation on our Facebook page.


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