India has a long and renowned history in systems of traditional medicine. With a lineage that dates back thousands of years and includes such luminaries as Sushruta and Charaka, the Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy and Siddha schools of medicine have been appreciated the world over for their understanding and insight into the human system. While Allopathy is recognized for its ability to quickly cure infectious diseases, traditional systems of medicine are noted for their ability to strengthen the human body’s innate ability to resist disease. Combining the strengths of these two methods of healthcare therefore results in an effective and comprehensive approach to an individual’s health – an approach that is no longer about just combating disease, but about creating a sense of wholeness in the individual. Isha Foundation is actively involved in making a combination of these two healthcare systems available to the public. Isha Arogya is the latest endeavor.

Isha Arogya – A holistic health center at Balaji Nagar, Fairlands, Salem, was inaugurated in the presence of Sadhguru on October 2nd at 7pm. This centre offers complete healthcare – with free consultation – combining the Allopathic, Siddha, Ayurveda, and Yoga and Naturopathy health systems. Two doctors, one for Siddha and one for Allopathy are available for consultation. A laboratory equipped to conduct blood investigations is also present at the center. The center also includes a pharmacy stocked with Siddha, Ayurveda and Allopathic medicines, as well as a full range of Siddha and Ayurveda personal care products for healthcare, skincare, hair-care and baby-care products. Two therapy rooms which will provide Ayurvedic massage are also present.

This center at Salem is the first of many such centers to be setup across Tamil Nadu. A second center in Chennai and centers in Trichy and Coimbatore are in the pipeline. The centers seek to introduce a new understanding of health in public perception where the wisdom of the Indian medical systems and the technology of modern medicines are blended together thereby utilizing the strengths of both systems. This is the beginning of a movement for health in Tamil Nadu.

Revision - We had previously mentioned that the Ayur Rasayana, Ayur Sampoorna and Yoga Marga programs would be offered at the Isha Arogya Health Center in Salem. This will be the case only for the Isha Arogya clinic which is coming up near to the Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri foothills. Health centers in other areas will incorporate the features mentioned in the above post.


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