Well this Isha Fest at iii was quite the extravaganza! We had a theme of Olympic games this year, compared to last year's pirates and gypsies. All kinds of games were played by all different ages from 5 years old to 95. We had a great turnout and everyone gave it their all in the various games, whether it was the competitive Atlanta Volleyball team or the Tampa Tug-of-War team besting the iii residents! By the end of the games, everyone was ready for the performance at night.

Starting with Guru Pooja, the night was filled with wonderful performances. The Atlanta chapter of Sounds of Isha played beautifully, including a raucous ending that left everyone in the audience dancing. A traditional Brazilian dance troupe performed a lively song while fighting in the slow motion Capoeira style which was lots of fun to watch. Along with a flying acrobat that danced upon long silk fabrics and a classical Indian dancer, the night finally came to an end with dinner where everyone told their game-day stories and discussed who was really the best volleyball team on the court. It's still being disputed!


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