Book Launch with a Touch of Glamour


On 5 December, Joy 24 x 7 was unveiled by social activist and famous former actress Mrs. Amala Akkineni at Depot Book Store of Big Bazaar, Hyderabad. A colorful and gaiety-filled event started off with Sounds of Isha and guest musicians: renowned tablist Mr. Parthasarathy, flautist Mr. Raviram, and T.V. Anand on the guitar. The musicians captivated the audience in no time, and also Amala was seen enraptured by the mellifluous music. Within the varied program, a particular song with a strong mystic and Sufi tenor left the audience deeply touched. The music ended exactly after twenty minutes and Amala walked on to the dais for the much awaited moment - the unveiling of the book. She was accompanied by Jeetendra Jain, author of Joy 24 x 7 and Mr. Silas Paul, Area Manager of Big Bazaar.

Amala acknowledged Sadhguru as a true spiritual Master and said that society today needs many more Masters like him to propel seekers on the right path. In response to one of the journalists' questions she said that the image Sadhguru draws about today's society in his introduction to Inner Engineering precisely reflects the state of society today and makes the need for Inner Engineering evident. She strongly advocated for yoga programs like these that will certainly benefit individuals and society as a whole and improve one's quality of life.

Inner peace and joy beyond religious affiliation is what is most needed in the world today, Amla stated and went on to give a brief outline of the story of the book and its endearing characters. She unveiled the book amidst excitement and applauds, with Jeetendra displaying it proudly.

Isha Yoga teacher Lokanetra recapitulated how Hyderabad welcomed Isha Yoga with open arms in 2005 when the first programs were offered and that within only three years, Isha was able to reach out to a large number of Hyderabadis through now more than seven active centers offering Isha Yoga Programs on a regular basis. Besides the program activities, Inner Engineering in particular, Project GreenHands is another offering by Isha that many volunteers, youngsters and socialites of Hyderabad are actively involved in, Lokanetra stated. He also introduced Isha's other outreach projects such as Action for Rural Rejuvenation and Isha Vidhya, and thanked the media for their support.

Subsequently, Jeetendra Jain gave a lively presentation of his exploration of ‘Joy' with Sadhguru.

After the event, lots of books purchased by the enthusiastic audience, both meditators and non-meditators, were autographed by Amala and Jeetendra.

The response from the media was overwhelming: The event was covered by local television channels and newspapers that included Indian Express, The Hindu, Times of India, Eenadu, Andhra Prabha, Deccan Post, B +, Wow Hyderabad etc.

Editor's Note: Sadhguru has authored 200 books that have been translated into 25 languages and have sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. His latest books – “Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy” and “Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny” are both New York Times Bestsellers. Discover all of Sadhguru's books at Isha Life.