On 29 November, 160 participants came to Isha Yoga Center for a four-day Inner Engineering Intensive program with Sadhguru. The international and diverse group included businessmen from Malaysia, housewives from Jamnagar, NGO enthusiasts from UK and many others.

Sadhguru introduced the program by explaining the necessity of engineering oneself in today's life. Given the opportunity to ask questions, the participants raised a wide range of topics from philosophical ones on astrology and morality, to current realities. All were answered by Sadhguru with perfect logic, wit and humor, always giving the opportunity to reassess common beliefs and misconceptions. About the Mumbai massacre he said, "Doing it and allowing the crime to happen are the same crimes."

"Why do human beings find it so easy to destroy, but so difficult to create?" was another question. Sadhguru said that in fact humanity is creating more than destroying. It is just that human creation is clumsy, and tends to lead to destruction. He pointed out that most people focus more on the few horrible creations of individuals, rather than on the many beautiful creations that are there. In this context, he mentioned that volunteering in Isha is a great opportunity for people to create something beautiful.

As the participants had the opportunity to learn asanas and discovered long forgotten muscles in this process, Sadhguru had encouraging words for them: "If you use your body, it works better…. If you rest too much, you will only become restless!" He also commented that we have become "too enamored with the circus of the intellect."


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With the thought-provoking question: "Do you want a prediction or a plan?" Sadhguru implored the participants to look at themselves and take their life into their own hands. He helped them to explore the nature of their mind and karma, pinpointed the stifling knots of bondage and helped to loosen them.

After the physical and mental preparation on the previous days, the initiation into Shambhavi Maha Mudra touched the inner self of the participants. Another singular experience was Sadhguru addressing the participants amidst the lush forest of the Velliangiri foothills, beside a stream. He described his exploration into the mystical realms of Kailash and Manasarovar and gave factual explanations of how spiritual processes are connected to the Himalayan mountains and ultimately Shiva, the first yogi.

In the concluding session, participants summed up what, according to their perception, touched them most:

The spirit of giving - of seva with bhakti and bhavana - touched me to no end. There was never shortage of food; we were never kept waiting; we were spoilt for choice, and the quality of the balanced diet was outstanding.

….as Sadhguru urged us, I am to be a catalyst in creating a happier, more joyful, inclusive and loving world… For me, it was an excellent practical manual of how a CEO can weave excellence whilst living holistically, making a difference, and encouraging people to rediscover a world of love, light and laughter.