What’s Needed From the Business and Political Leaders of India?

Bloomberg TV spoke with Sadhguru about the business and political leadership in India and their role in these times of financial downturn.

During the recent Insight – The DNA of Success program with Sadhguru and Dr. Ram Charan, Bloomberg TV India Editor Vivek Law spoke with Sadhguru about what's need from the business and political leaders of India today, and their role in these times of financial downturn.

Vivek Law: Let’s talk about leadership. You told me once that the true test of a leader comes when the chips are down. How do you see the leadership of India at this point of time – do you think they are steering the country in the right direction?

Sadhguru: No, I don’t think anyone is steering the country in any particular direction. We are a free nation – free to go to our doom. This happened when the global recession was just setting in. At the World Economic Forum, the business leaders of the developed nations were all in a depressed mood, and the Indian team was campaigning “India Everywhere.” Lots of great things were being said about India by Indian officials, while the business leaders were quiet.

I said, “It is really great that we are sitting at the threshold of a possibility. Don’t think of the possibility in terms of monetary figures. The important thing is, if we handle things right, in the next 5 to 10 years, we can bring 500 to 600 million people from one level of living to another. Hardly any other nation has done this in 5 to 10 years’ time. China managed to do so, but only with enormous force. It would be phenomenal if we could achieve this without employing force. Never before, 500 million people have moved forward economically in one generation, just like that.

We are on the right track in many ways, but especially when you are on the right track, if you sit there for too long without moving ahead, you will get run over. I have said this before – “Do not underestimate our ability to goof things. We have a history of that.”

Vivek Law: And we goofed up again.

Sadhguru: As Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi used to say, “We have a talent to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”

Vivek Law: And you are saying we have succeeded in doing that?

Sadhguru: We have not yet succeeded – we are heading there. Unless we take the necessary corrective steps right now, we could unfortunately go there.

What about lay-offs?

Vivek Law: Sadhguru, in the last one year, most business leaders of India have had to grapple with enormous cost-cuts because of our falling economy. They have had to let go a lot of people. Many jobs were lost – some documented, a lot undocumented. I am sure this time around at INSIGHT, you found far more people with drooping shoulders than last year. What would you tell business leaders who are going through this process right now where things are not really very good?

Sadhguru: Particularly about dropping people – I know this may sound like an ashram-like solution, but I don’t see why industries and businesses should not function like this. If you have 1000 people working for you and things are not going well, instead of laying off 100 people to keep the company going, you cut everyone’s salaries by 10%, and keep these 100 people. This is the time when, instead of retrenching people, you could re-orient and train your human resources to take on a different challenge, but we are too bound by all kinds of laws.

I am sure if someone communicates this properly, the workforce, out of sheer solidarity with their colleagues would agree to a 10% salary cut rather than axing 10% of the workforce. These 10% may not be productive right now, but you can reinvent your business if you train them to a different level of capability, which is very much possible.

Whatever happens to you, you can either come out stronger and wiser, or you can come out depressed and broken. I wish the Indian business sector reinvents itself. These times when business is slowing down are an opportunity to sit back, look at things and innovate. When business is in full swing, you neither have the time nor the energy to do that. This is not to console yourself when things are bad. Things will not remain bad for too long – things will change. But when things change to the positive, it should not take you another two years to catch up. If you make use of this time to reinvent yourself in different ways, you are ready to go when the train picks up speed again, and you will be the first one to latch on.

What India needs from its political leaders

Vivek Law: Let me ask you about the role of political leaders. There is so much public discourse right now. What is your message to the political leaders of India?

Sadhguru: The political leaders need to understand that the people of India are not interested in your grandmothers and grandfathers. What the people of India are interested in is, “In what way are you going to empower me as an individual citizen? In what way is my life and that of the people around me going to change? In what way will our children’s lives be better tomorrow?” I have barely heard anything like that in the political discourse. The campaign is going on as if the elections were day after tomorrow, but we don’t even know the date yet. I think they should get back to work. A month or a month-and-a-half before election, they can start their campaign.

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6 years 7 months ago

Dont put words into Sadhguru's mouth saying that he is Pro kejriwal. He never meant it.

6 years 7 months ago

It makes me laugh when a Sadhguru chooses to speak on business and politics - for it is the later which keep us absorbed in 'maya' all the time, not to let us have the glimpse of the reality (which a Sadhguru's real business is).

6 years 7 months ago

"..either I get my answer or my question itself becomes insignificant" Well said and thank you Ashish Bhai. A moment of being in touch with the deeper dimension and being surrounded with the Grace of Sadhguru will bring this clarity. Pranam

6 years 7 months ago

To cut 10% salary of those 'productive' to shelter those 'unproductive' would be disastrous for any business, which school of economics you attended Sadhguru?

6 years 4 months ago

Well Geeta, the things which you are mentioning are not Swami's problem but Politicians. People should ask the polticians what they did for them! So ask yourself what Sadhguru did and does for humankind on spiritual level and then ask a politician what they did for you on spiritual level. He is not supporting, just giving advise how to manage employees and their personal lives so they can work and still having income. You can also gather people who believe in your statements, then make a way to poliicians. You can't do it alone, once Sadhguru said about the raping in Delhi. Many women stood up and took action, now there are many groups of women and girls who fight against this system. Go for it!

6 years 7 months ago

It is clear from his remarks on politics that Sadhguru is anti Rahul and pro Kejriwal - so Sadhguru is also swinging with the wind?

5 years 3 months ago

Subbhash sir, are you jealous? Seems like you and all the narrow minded people don't get the most guru's concept of the purpose of life. Because of people like you India will struggle to change this mentality.

6 years 7 months ago

Its not about Business Schools.....Even these Schools need to adapt new possibilities to handle such situations...Thats why he is telling us "you can reinvent your business if you train them to a different level of capability, which is very much possible"...
Then see the productivity of those 10% after the change...They will not be the same "unproductive" anymore...They can make everyones Salaries multiply in due course. We need to inculcate this; after all we need to INCLUDE everyone..not just people....every atom of this existence into our hearts.

6 years 7 months ago

Very well said Babu...Sadhguru comes from the school of ''Inclusive Economics'', Mr Subash. It's time we all matriculate ourselves into this school...

6 years 7 months ago

You have many pre-conceived notions on 'maya'; first get rid of your assumptions, so that you can perceive better. The problem is not with business or politics. The problem is not in what we do, but how we hold ourselves right now. I recommend that you attend the Inner Engineering programme, read some of Sadhguru's books, watch his videos and meditate regularly so that you get greater clarity on these issues. My best wishes with you! :-) (please don't think that I'm trying to put you down. I too am a meditator. I too have many questions and doubts on various aspects. But despite of all this, I do my sadhana regularly. Then either I get my answer or my question itself becomes insignificant!)

6 years 7 months ago

A little perspective from a seeker and in response to the previous comments:

Businesses have predominantly become mere organizations and each individual in it, let it be the CEO or a clerk have narrowed their visions for their petty, individualized financial growth. When these businesses begin to function as an "organism" (Sadhguru talked about this while describing how the Ashram functions) it becomes natural to revitalize every unproductive limb and not amputate the potential every human being is capable of.

When it comes to politics and leadership, a little wise and an evolved leader has always seeked a Guru as his close companion, a Master in his advisory panel. This has been common in many cultures but forgotten in recent times as the overall well-being of the kingdom or the nation is forgotten.

6 years 7 months ago

Namashkaram subash anna,please stop making predictions and do please stop making unnecessary comments also!!

6 years 7 months ago

Subhash u are welcome here, It seems you have lot of questions to ask from Sadhguru, which is gr8. For getting answers from Sadhguru, you will have to dive deep within urself and once u will arrive at ur own core, you will be surprised to see ur Sadhguru siiting there and then u have hit the jackpot and you will not waste ur energy in asking question outside whose answers lies within. Sadhguru loves u a lot because He knows u r part of the complete picture, even if ur employee may want to sack u, Sadhguru will advice him to tolerate for some time during this bad phase and when the train speeds up the organisation will be more healthier again.

6 years 7 months ago

Dear Sadhguru, why do you support industries which are actually exploiting and destroying this planet, why not focus on simple living the way Mahatma Gandhi did? This simple life will in fact give us peace and will also heal our planet. I request sadhguru to teach all about this. It is the need of the time also pls refer Kogi tribe documentary ' Elder brother's warning', 'Pacific garbage patch', 'Ganges pollution' etc.