Youth and Truth Campus Gossip – IIT Bombay

Once upon a time in Mumbai… When the sharpest engineering minds gossiped with the Mystic!
Youth and Truth Campus Gossip – IIT Bombay


IIT Bombay, a premier engineering institute of the country, with its sprawling green campus in the heart of the city, was one of the hosts of Youth and Truth’s Mumbai chapter. Given the humid weather, the long queue was testimony of the students’ keenness to explore the truth with Sadhguru. Students thronged outside the convocation hall by early afternoon while the event was supposed to start only at 6 pm. 

Before the start of the event, the campus was abuzz with activity. Volunteers as usual could be seen doing the rounds ensuring the event happens smoothly. Students, faculty and even parents were eagerly awaiting Sadhguru’s arrival with equal excitement.

IIT-B students expressed their anticipation by saying “We’ve been waiting for this day for so long,” “Our enthusiasm has built over time and finally the day has arrived,” and “We’re happy to receive Sadhguru at our campus.”


Gearing to Gossip with the Mystic?   

Youth and Truth Campus Gossip – IIT Bombay


Some students who were also part of the organizing team explained, “We are looking forward to his answers for all our questions that we have recorded and kept on track, so he can answer.” 

Another student, an excited guest on campus, who “wouldn’t want to miss the event for anything,” said that “Sadhguru indirectly answers questions, which we are very scared to ask our parents.” Students who had never heard of Sadhguru before also showed up to hear him talk and revel in the mystic’s wisdom.

To prepare and familiarise the student community with the event, flash mobs were being held on IIT campus a few weeks prior to the event and the response was fabulous. It was no surprise then that the 1800-seater convocation hall was packed to capacity and spilling over with people.  

Music, Dance and Sadhguru’s Arrival

Sounds of Isha brought everyone to their feet with the rendition of Kabira “Jab Paida Hue, Toh Jag Hasa Hum Roye.” As the students took to the floor, Sadhguru made his way into the hall amidst thunderous applause. This was followed by a melodious performance by Mohit Chauhan and Isha Samskriti students who wowed everyone with their martial arts skills. 

Mystic’s Musings

Youth and Truth Campus Gossip – IIT Bombay


After the moderators took to the stage and Sadhguru set the context for the event, the zealous student body asked a wide variety of questions on clarity, balance, dealing with crossroads in life, making the right choices, consciousness, and many more subjects. Among these topics, Sadhguru offered guidance on how crucial it is to lead a profound life, how joy and misery is within us and essentially a state of mind, and most critically, on how time is just swishing by. 

The audience spanned different age groups and, yet, they all connected with Sadhguru’s multi-dimensional personality. As the evening unfolded, they experienced the entire spectrum of his presence ranging from his humor, honesty, wit, wisdom and warmth. The receptive students at IIT-B, longing for more interaction with the master, swarmed him, unwilling to let him go by the end of the event. 

“The last three hours I was completely in his grace,” said one attendee after the event. Another student said “I don’t have words right now, but now I am a fan of Sadhguru,” while another said he felt like a “Duracell battery, so charged.”

Post Event Campus Vibes

Youth and Truth Campus Gossip – IIT Bombay


A lot of event attendees spoke about their experience and below are a collection of these sharings:

“Everything he talked about, it was just great to listen to him. His thoughts are just unique, out of the world.”

“It was a very interactive and joyful session. A very nice experience.”

“I’m really, really happy that we have a person like him, who is encouraging and motivating the youth to think beyond and solve real world problems. Helping them to be leaders and use their full potential. This will really bring out core values that we stand for as India or Bharat.”

“I feel amazingly blessed to be able to be here.”

“I got an accelerated and new direction for my way forward in life.” 

‘If I get a chance to listen to him again, I would for sure. I will come individually, not with friends.”

“A Guru with a Twist!”


“He’s not like other gurus who bore you; he’s very joyful and nice.”

“He’s young, he’s exuberant. He’s not what his body is. He is life, in the true sense of the word.” 

“The way we perceive a spiritual guru and the way he is, is completely different. He talks to us the way we want to listen it.” 

“I don’t like spiritual leaders because I thought they keep talking about God and everything, but now it’s like I would really like to listen to more of him.”  

“He can woo people with logic and then make them understand that there’s something beyond that.” 

“He’s very frank and open to any question, for youth he talks like a friend and can give any answer to any question.”


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