T he much-awaited weekend with Sadhguru for the first time down under came alive on Aug 11th and 12th with 233 participants. The venue was packed to capacity... and a little more! Things looked like they were going to get really stretched, with people coming not just from all corners of the vast Australian continent, but from as far away as Norway and Uganda! However, the enthusiasm and care the volunteers displayed made sure the event went smoothly.

The participants were visibly awestruck by the beautifully decorated Moorabin town hall with neatly carpeted floors and a dazzling dais setup. When one of the participants exclaimed that the stage backdrop and Sadhguru's clothes were stunning, he remarked, "So that means you are totally missing me!" to a crowd that exploded into laughter. After all these days seeing him on the computer screen, the participants were eagerly looking forward to seeing him in person. As he entered the hall, we were able to see that the participants were very accustomed to his style, language, humour and above all, his presence. There were participants as young as 14 and as old as 80, with people coming from various cultures, professional backgrounds and countries.

Participants opened up and received whatever Sadhguru was offering them during the day with a great sense of attention. The participants were initiated into Shambhavi Mahadmudra and we could distinctly see the change by the joy in their eyes and the very way they conducted themselves after the initiation. They were served with a delightful lunch and were excited to share a meal with Sadhguru.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with Sadhguru answering some of the participant’s burning questions on Karma and Realization. Sadhguru addressed them saying that Self-Realization is not a goal, but rather a homecoming and it is possible right now, in this moment. In response to a question about what we could learn from the Australian aboriginal culture, Sadhguru also noted that their way of life ensured that the planet was left unaffected by their presence.

Participants were moved to tears as Sadhguru closed the session, with no one willing to believe that the weekend with Sadhguru was already over. The participants and volunteers danced in joy and carried everything Sadhguru had to offer, to treasure it and deepen the seeking for the rest of their life.


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