Take Charge of Your Inner Software

The top management of Microsoft India and the Marketing Head of France had gathered on 15 April 2008 for a conference on leadership to harness the individual strengths for collective performance of the corporate. The two and half day conference at Westin Resorts, Gurgaon, culminated with a talk by Sadhguru who talked the language of the software business starting off with a probing question, "Who wrote your software?"


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Talking on leadership and innovation, Sadhguru pointed out that unless one enhances his/her capability, it would not be possible to do anything new. Likening the business competition to a car race, he said if we drive a city car on a Formula One track, it is bound to fall apart, which is happening to many people who have made it to the top. One of the participants wondered why one needs to be conscious of everything if things are working fine. He responded by going further on the analogy, saying that on a fast track, time is the most expensive thing and so, it becomes all the more important to be conscious of everything before things go wrong. And particularly when one is responsible for thousands of people, it is important that one knows everything about oneself.

To a question on the rat-race mode spilling over to the house, Sadhguru, with his simplifying clarity, said that instead of taking the office atmosphere home, if we take the family atmosphere to the office, one could manage the situation more effectively. What marks a leader is how effectively he can make others move and this depends on how he inspires others, Sadhguru said.

The lively and interactive session ended with the participants eager to know the road ahead to nurture their inner potential, which Sadhguru presents as Inner Engineering programs.