Sadhguru was invited on February 1st to deliver the keynote address at the Entrepreneur’s Organization Conference, which took place at ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai. The Entrepreneur’s Organization is a global business network of more than 8,000 successful entrepreneurs and business owners. It provides its members, many of who are startup entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs, the network possibilities, tools and resources needed to grow their businesses.


Around 200 organization members, a majority of who were young entrepreneurs from across the country, participated at the event. Sadhguru began the evening with the “Jananam Sukadham” chant and proceeded to explain the meaning. “The chant speaks of the one who is the master of time,” he said, “if we do not walk sensibly on the planet, we may survive, but it will not be our time.“ The keynote speech was in fact called "It is our time".

The Q&A session followed, with a lively audience eager to ask Sadhguru burning questions, thus unfolding into a memorable and encouraging event.




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