A new feature has been recently introduced at Isha Home School to give the young, inquiring minds on campus some food for thought. Called ‘Perspectives,’ this is an opportunity to get a fresh take on Sadhguru’s many insights on life. Periodically, the teachers of Isha Home School will select an interesting quote by a historical figure or prominent individual, which will be featured next to Sadhguru’s perspective on the same topic. This will be a permanent display in Isha Home School, where teachers will also be encouraged to share their views on the chosen theme.

This week, a quote by Che Guevara is displayed next to Sadhguru’s perspective about living life with utmost passion and intensity.

What you love is both worth living and dying for
When you die for what matters, you will live

We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it

Here at the Isha blog, we invite you to provide your own outlook on the quotes above. You can leave your comments below – let’s see many interesting ‘perspectives.’ :-)


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