Isha volunteers in Lebanon participated in the Beirut Yoga Festival – the first of its kind in Lebanon. Here’s a glimpse of their wonderful experience.

On the dawn of Saturday, September 20, and after 2 weeks of intense preparation and heartfelt involvement, Isha Yoga volunteers from Lebanon gathered themselves and headed to the Beirut Yoga Festival – the first of its kind in Lebanon. Different organizations operating in Lebanon, including Isha Yoga participated, and the event was attended by around 1000 yoga enthusiasts and practitioners – many of whom had the chance to be introduced to Isha Yoga and its program offerings.

Each organization was assigned a booth to present itself and its offerings. With the limited space they had, Isha Yoga volunteers managed to make room for a meditation space in which Isha Kriya was offered every 30 minutes, as a free meditation session guided by Sadhguru. Flyers pertaining to upcoming Isha Yoga programs starting with the 7-day Inner Engineering program, the Hatha Yoga programs like Surya Kriya, as well as Isha Yoga for Children, were distributed in small folders in addition to a free Isha Kriya CD.


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Various people of different age groups were attracted to the Isha Yoga stand and our volunteers received them enthusiastically, introducing them to Isha and guiding them to sit for Isha Kriya. The newcomers’ response to Isha’s initiatives was very rewarding as it reflected a profound interest in people to turn inward. The “drop of spirituality” that Isha Kriya placed in each practitioner echoed a sea of tranquility, and in some, it kindled a fire to delve deeper into yoga.

People and corporations of the public and administrative sector attended the event and were passing by the different yoga stands to get an idea about what each one had to offer. Isha volunteers had the chance to present Isha Yoga on TV, as the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) was streaming the event. The volunteers also had the chance to interact with the representative of the Indian embassy in Lebanon and offered him one of Sadhguru’s latest books “Three Truths of Wellbeing,” which also contains a free Isha Kriya CD. Isha was met by great enthusiasm by the public representatives.

Inspired by the festival, its attendees and those who were touched by Isha Kriya’s powerful spiritual experience, volunteers had some input to share:

Being in such a healthy entourage of professionals or simply enthusiastic people who wanted to share this healthy endeavor was a means of inspiration.

"Exposing a little bit of this ancient science to those interested was an opportunity and joy not to be missed.

Seeing how Isha is touching lives very openly made me feel very small. How immense and accessible is this grace that it flows through boundaries, surpassing time and space?

Someone who hasn’t even taken Inner Engineering comes to tell me how her life has been greatly touched by Sadhguru. In that moment, despite all the distractions and mental rubble floating in my mind, I had to turn my face away from her to hide my tears of gratitude to something far bigger than my individuality.

Being in that event and working for it was an expression of sincerity to what truly matters."