Isha Vidhya currently runs 7 schools catering to 3500 rural students across Tamil Nadu. At present, teachers of Isha Vidhya schools are trained in a central location at Coimbatore. Using technology, teachers can be trained remotely allowing for increased frequency of trainings as well as a reduction in the overall cost.

A four-member team of consultants from IBM volunteered for the project and came to Coimbatore for a month during October 2011, in order to study the feasibility of implementing a network-based Distance Learning solution to train Isha Vidhya teachers. They also studied and suggested methods of recording, storing and retrieving the training modules, so that they are accessible to the teachers whenever needed. The volunteers from IBM were Benjamin from USA, Vaclav from the Czech Republic, Amanda from Brazil and Gaston from Argentina.

Isha Vidhya is studying these recommendations to implement them in the near future and thanks them for their contribution. The consultants thanked Isha Vidhya for the opportunity to be involved in this great cause and take back with them enriching experiences of Indian culture including Yoga, as well as visits to our beautiful temples and wildlife sanctuaries during their free time.


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