How Can Yoga be Hindu?

In an article on DailyO, Sadhguru clarifies the recent controversies claiming yoga is a religion.

In an article on DailyO, Sadhguru clarifies the recent controversies claiming yoga is a religion.

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4 years 11 months ago

Namaskaram Sadhguru i guess we are done with kaliash now yoga next what

4 years 11 months ago

Did shiva hav a normal birth - is it truly believed these myths walked the earth , stories of these figures are meant to b stories

4 years 11 months ago

What about Intellectual and ethical integrity for Yoga Practitioners ?

The Yogic knowledge/practices are open (to use) for the whole humanity,
but Sanatana Dharma Traditions are the supplier of this Knowledge. This
is THE point, must be acknowledged / credited.
We don't publish a
simple research paper without giving due credit to people who's views
are cited therein. How come this (Yoga) most profound discovery in human
history to understand the "Essence of Being thru Yogic Knowledge and
Practices" is open for consumption without acknowledging its producers?

4 years 11 months ago

वह ध्वनि शून्य की सच में सूननी हो तो मनो वाह चंद्र नाडी जो बाई तरफ नाक में बहती है और सूर्य नाडी जीसे प्राण वाहक भी कहते है जो दाई तरफ नाकमे बहती है यह दोनो नाडी जो साथमे बहकर संसार से वैराग्य पैदा हो जाये तो माँ सरस्वती जी के कृपा के पात्र बनता है मनुष्य और उसे उस नाडी से उठती ऊँ कार ध्वनि अपने आप सुनाई पडती है जहा विचार वृत्ति यां खो जाति है।

4 years 11 months ago

Extending that logic of how Yoga is Hindu as Hinduism(Sanatana Dharma) is eternal natural laws like Gravity...Following absurd questions arise (all used by Isha and Sadhguru as inner tools) , if that can be called as the repackaging

How is OM Hindu ? (Om is a eternal vibration it does not belong to one religion)

How is AdhiYogi , Siva Hindu ?
How is DhyanaLinga Hindu ? (Since linga is a science of Energy as first form is ellipsoid)
How is Samyama Hindu (Its a process of concentration)
How is Sambhavi Mudra Hindu ? (Its simply science of energy in body)
How is breath Hindu ? Vaa-Si-Vaa-Si-Vaa-Si became Siva