The city of Mysore is bedecked with posters and banners of the “Inner Engineering” class which will be conducted by Sadhguru in the Sri Suttur Math from 15th to 17th April.  With enrollments going ahead at full-steam, it seems to be only a matter of time before Karnataka is swept by the “Wave of Bliss.”

"Veeragase Kunitha"  is performed at the entrance of JSS Ayurveda Hospital. The name "Veeragase" comes from the name "Veerabhadra," the warrior who was created from one of Shiva's matted locks. Adorned with Rudraksha beads, vibhuti, these Shiva devotees’ energetic and vigorous dance symbolize his valour and heroism.

On the morning of April 14th, Sadhguru inaugurated the JSS Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, along with Baba Ramdev and Sri Suttur Swamiji. Baba Ramdev spoke of the significance of Ayurveda, also acknowledging the effort of the Guru Sangamam- Confluence of Gurus, which he, Sri Suttur Swamiji and Sadhguru are a part of.


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"Ayur" means life, "veda" means knowledge. Sadhguru spoke of the interconnectedness between yoga and Ayurveda and the limited scope of allopathy in addressing the root of disease, which lies much deeper. True health must come from within, as the maker of the body is within. Addressing this aspect, he said, is the basis of Ayurveda.


Kannada Book Launch

In the evening, 5 Kannada books – translated from various English and Tamil books (Encounter The Enlightened, Himalayan Lust, Joy 24x7, and the Tamil books Athainikum Aasaipadu and Dhyanalinga – Guru Thanta Guru) were released in a grand manner at the Windflower resort. These 5 books are just a foretaste of 16 Kannada books that will be offered this year.

Mr. Ravi.S, director of the publishing company - Prism Books Pvt. Ltd, was present at the event as a Guest of Honour. His visit to the ashram soon after meeting Sadhguru left such a deep impression on him that he offered to take up the publishing of books for Isha. Mr. Ravi mentioned that the 5 books which were already on sale in bookstores across Karnataka were receiving a tremendous response from the public.

Padmashree Dr.Mathur Krishnamurthy, CEO of Bharathi Vidhya Bhavan Bangalore, was also present at the event as a Guest of Honour. Dr. Krishnamurthy made a magnanimous offer to help Isha out in its activities in the educational realm in whichever way he could.

After honoring some of the Kannada translators, Sadhguru answered questions on various subjects. Listen to the full recording of the evening.  Sounds of Isha brought the event to a melodious close – leaving the audience with a taste of what would come through the Inner Engineering program starting the next day.