On Shivarathri, an auspicious day that happens once a lunar month, the trainees attended the Pancha Bhuta Aradhana in the Dhyanalinga, a powerful process to cleanse the five elements within the system.

Later that week, many of the trainees went for the Inner Engineering retreat at the ashram. In addition to the class aspects, they were initiated into the powerful Shambhavi Mahamudra practice.

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Editor’s Note: Isha Hatha Yoga programs are an extensive exploration of classical hatha yoga, which revive various dimensions of this ancient science that are largely absent in the world today. These programs offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore Upa-yoga, Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti, Yogasanas and Bhuta Shuddhi, among other potent yogic practices.

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