Date Delight

Want to shake up your kids' breakfast? This date smoothie is quick to make, energy-packed and healthy. Perfect for your kids before you send them off to school.
Dates Banana Smoothie: Date Delight

Want to shake up your kids' breakfast? This date smoothie is quick to make, energy-packed and healthy. Perfect for your kids before you send them off to school.


Seedless Dates: 50 gm
Banana, sliced: 1
Coconut milk: 1 cup
Walnuts or any nuts of your choice: ¼ cup
Salt: a pinch



  • Blend the banana slices, seedless dates and salt.
  • Add the coconut milk and blend.
  • Add the walnuts and blend till smooth.
  • Serve with chopped nuts on top.

Tasty Tip: Add a pinch of cinnamon for extra taste!


Dates, the fruits derived from the date palm tree, are a wonderful source of readymade energy owing to their high carbohydrates and sugar content. Nutritionally too they are packed with both fat and water soluble vitamins and in addition have many minerals and salts like iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, potassium, sodium and calcium. They are an easily digestible source of fiber and prevent constipation.

The vitamin content, especially the niacin or nicotinic acid fraction in it, boosts the immunity of the intestines by increasing the population of the protective and friendly gut bacteria and enhances their activity, thus improving the resistance of the intestines against many gut-related diseases. Research also shows that regular intake of dates has a protective action on the heart and may help prevent many abdominal cancers.

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7 years 9 months ago

Its deadly for diabetic

7 years 9 months ago

Isha which promotes sattvic and correct way of eating is publishing such recipies. It is bad, we should not consume any drink that is cold, it will affect the gastric fire and will bring down the metabolism (which is now proven scientifically as well).

Also the book which I got from isha with recipes, give recipes with asafoetida, potatoes and onions. these all are zero or negative pranic.. Sadhguru keep talking about food several times, but I don't understand why people in Isha publish recipes that are not in line with sattvic eating.

7 years 9 months ago

I had the same thought about the ice, Ajithkumar, but then in a hot climate and with a good pitta stomach, this shouldn't be a problem. I too follow Ayurvedic principles but sometimes feel that it is ok to relax, go with the flow and be flexible to life's surprises - and it's full of them if you are around someone like Sadhguru! Sattvic qualities come into the being when you relax and are joyful, more than when you stick to a principle with serious rigidity - this is my experience and something i have become more and more aware of through association with great mystics like Sadhguru... blessings <3

7 years 9 months ago

why so? Not so

7 years 9 months ago

diabetic means there is already a health problem which needs to be solved, and one should first cure the problem before anything else. Of course sweet is prohibited for diabetics, makes total sense!

7 years 7 months ago

Amazing Drink. Never thought Dates and Apple would make a great Drink. Try using almond milk, makes it even more awesome :) :)

6 years 4 months ago

I totally agree. I look to Isha recipes as a guide/reference, and expect that they should be sattvic, health promoting, and use proper food combining. It dismays me to find things like ice in recipes when I know that's not something ideal for our health or the yogic prescription.

6 years 4 months ago

I respectfully disagree. I think if Isha meditators want to put out health recipes, then they absolutely should follow yogic principles - being sattvic, and using proper food combining (the way that Sadhguru would recommend). I do agree with you that we should be relaxed and joyful instead of rigid. However, I think there will be plenty of opportunity for dietary transgressions in our own lives for us to take an easy-going attitude towards. So whatever we get from Isha should be things we can look up to as true guidance and as a trusted source. It displeases me when meditators put out stuff like this in the name of Isha which would not be ideally endorsed by Sadhguru as the way we should eat. I can go do the wrong things well enough on my own, but look to Isha give me yogic guidance to put me on the right path. So I want to be able to trust this as a proper source, not just things that any meditator (with insuffient knowledge of yoga) can put out there. If this is not Sadguru's advice, then I'd rather the meditator writing this just put his/her own name on it, rather than attributing it to Isha.

4 years 9 months ago

I think Sadhguru should also talk about the doshas ivolved here. :)