Is it better for a woman to go to a female Guru? Sadhguru answers the question and speaks about the role, or lack there of, that gender plays in being a Guru.

Questioner: Some female spiritual leaders have said that it is better for a woman to seek a female guru. Is it so?

Sadhguru: It’s better? They say that? Ok. Now, one thing if you are still a female or a male it means you are not yet spiritual; and especially if you are still seeing a guru as a male or a female, you have no possibility. You are still not able to disidentify yourself with your body parts, its ok. If you are still identifying your guru also with his body parts or her body parts, then you just don’t know what it is. This is coming from absolute ignorance. This is a reaction to thousands of years of being down-trodden. Socially may be correct, spiritually not relevant. If you look at your guru either as a man or a woman, you missed the whole point.