Of Dogs and Cats and Pigs and Rats

Of dogs and cats and pigs

and rats, who is supreme?


There are those who bark and bite

their tools are made of fear

Fear keeps everything in order

The virtues of fear are too many to list

It can even render you short of breath

and short of everything that is life

Fear is living death


There are those who puss and purr

Sleek and soft full of inducements

For whom life is a seduction

A sweet poison of the marketmen

Tying you up not in chains but in silks

Entangling you in ways

That does not leave you any way


There are those who grunt

and of course stink. To get

the right kind of grunt you

have to bend and snivel and give

something to ingest. Their official sty

is a place you dread but there

is no way you can avoid this slime


There are those who nibble

at all that is yours. There is no

sanctity for your bridal dress or

your long departed grandmother’s

What you worship they will work at

Nothing remains unexplored, they could

even invade your soul. O’ soulmates


Of dogs and cats and pigs and rats

O’ the evolutionary haste.

Love & Grace