To Trees in Tennessee

O’ Blessed Beings Your green raiment source of our breath and being Your stoic stance mistaken for lifeless existence Your immense presence could escape human sense

This lack of cognizance could mean a disastrous consequence But for now you and me in this intimate embrace The joy of sharing each other’s breath is beyond the joy of having a breathless wench I can only nourish you with tears of gratitude When I come back in winter you will stand naked and gray Giving a taste of what the world would be without you being gay

You, a permanent resident Me, a wandering vagabond But can I ever break my breath bond? Wait till I am done with my deeds I will lie at your roots to nourish you with my body’s juice To become the sap of your sap To put back all that is Hers into Her lap Till then you and me in this romantic romp Lest someone should notice Let us carry it on without any pomp