The fourteenth anniversary of the consecration of the Dhyanalinga was celebrated on 23rd June at the Isha Yoga Centre, with thousands of people from various faiths visiting Dhyanalinga. The consecration celebrations including the offering of various chants at the Dhyanalinga, and a special session called Interfaith Deliberations on the “Universality of Religions.” Events of the entire day were webstreamed live.

Offering of Chants

The day began with Aum Namah Shivaya chanted in the Dhyanalinga at 6AM in the morning and ended with Guru Pooja at 6:45PM in the evening. Sikhs offered Gurubani chants, Christian priests offered Chrisitian chants, Lebanese singers sang Muslim and Sufi chants, and Hindu scholars sang Vedic chants. The Dhyanalinga was open till 1AM after midnight for devotees to meditate. Special guests performed for the Nada Aradhana – an offering of sound. The evening included a grand procession of Linga Bhairavi Devi’s Utsava Murti and a Maha Arati in front of the Dhyanalinga.


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Interfaith Deliberations

The celebrations included a session of Interfaith Deliberations on the “Universality of Religions” where eminent speakers from various faiths and traditions addressed the gathering. The dignitaries included the Gyalwang Drukpa Ji – The Drukpa Order, Ladakh; Fr. Dr. Dominic Emmanuel – Director and Spokesperson of Delhi Catholic Arch Diocese, New Delhi; Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi – President, All India Organization of Imams and Mosques; Swasthi Shree Bhattaraka Charukeerthi Pandithacharyavarya Swamiji – Jain Math Mudabidri; Perur Adheenam, Illaya Pattam Thava Thiru Maruthachala Adigalar; Siravai Adheenam Thava Thiru Kumaraguru Para Aadigalar, Gaumara Mutt; Swami Muktidananda – Ramakrishna Mutt, Mysore; Geshe Ngawang Jugney – Sera Lachi Buddhist Monastery, Bylakuppe; Swami Sivayogananda of Chinmaya Mission; Sister Rajeshwari from Brahmakumaris; Harjit Singh Wahan of the Coimbatore Gurudwara, and representatives from ISKCON.

Sadhguru concluded the event with his talk and said that all our differences come only from our beliefs and opinions. In actuality, there are no differences. He mentioned that even modern science says that the universe is just one energy manifesting in different ways. “When one experientially sees this, we say he is in yoga,” he said. He spoke of the importance of moving from dogma and beliefs, to experience. “The divine should not be an aspiration, it should be your companion,” he said.

Dhyanalinga – The Silent Revolution Ebook Released

Dhyanalinga – The Silent Revolution is the first book that introduced Dhyanalinga to the world. Now out of print, the book was published in 2000, barely a year after the Dhyanalinga was consecrated, and was the very first book published by Isha. 128 pages of rare photographs, vivid paintings by artist Thota Tharani, and award winning design introduce the reader to the science of yoga, the history of lingas, the construction and design of the Dhyanalinga parikrama, and finally, to the saga of three lifetimes – the consecration of the Dhyanalinga. The ebook is a scanned and updated version of the book.

The book was originally published to inform people and raise funds for the completion of the Dhyanalinga. The ebook is also being offered on a “name your price” basis. All proceeds from this sale will go towards the completion of the Dhyanalinga Complex.