Sadhguru looks at how the human body is a fantastic design. Putting the right kind of material in the appropriate way is what is in our hands. He also looks at how if we just pay attention to the fantastic design of nature around us, it is most phenomenal.

Full Transcript:

Sadhguru: Design of the human system is very important in the spiritual process (Laughs) and we don’t have to bother about the design because there has been… this design is a fantastic design. Your business is only to provide it the right kind of material. Now, the architect may put up a fantastic design for this building – still with what kind of material you build it and who builds it makes the difference. So when it comes to basic Creation, you have no participation in the design. Design… Most fantastic design has already been done. You just have to put the right kind of material, right kind of choice of materials and how you do it, that’s about this. About everything else you do in the world, there is no need for you to
innovate anything. If you just simply imitate what’s in nature, it’ll be too phenomenal. People will think you’re a genius but you’re a copycat (Laughs), that’s all it takes. If you… if you just have enough observation and perception for all the fantastic design that is everywhere in every leaf, every flower, every… Just take an ant, just… You’re a design person, you must do this in your school – ask them to observe an ant for twenty-four hours without taking their eyes off. You will see it’s the most phenomenal design – these six legs or eight legs without ever getting tangled up, you know how… Don’t go for a centipede, it’s too complex (Interviewer Laughs). Just an ant, you could… If you can design an automobile like an ant, that’s it, you know. Yes?