Watch the Video "Knowing Life by Inclusion, Not Intellect"

Sadhguru describes the intellect as a knife which can only dissect and chop.

Sadhguru describes the intellect as a knife which can only dissect and chop. While chopping vegetables is ok, he explains, it is not possible to know life by cutting it.

Full Transcript:

The nature of life is such, one is packed into the other, other is packed into this and this and this and this. It will not be realized because you dissect it, which is all you can do with your intellect. Your intellect is a scalpel which is trying to dissect life. Are you married? If you want to really know your wife, today you must take a scalpel and dissect her. All the beauty of who she is, if you want to know, you must dissect her, isn’t it? No. It will become ugly. It will not become beautiful. That’s all you are trying to do. You’re trying to know the Existence using the scalpel of your intellect, dissecting it. It will only become ugly. It will not become beautiful.

So intellect, which is a simple silly tool which is useful to handle material aspects of life, you have raised it to heaven. You are giving it the glory of heaven, and think this is everything. You know some B grade, C grade, D grade movies are made where... I don’t know, like somebody is a ‘Top Gun’ or somebody is a ‘Machete.’ You’ve heard of such movies? All he does through the whole movie, ninety minutes, is he will go on using his machete to chop something or somebody, and that’s a cinema, entertainment. Right now, this is all you are. You are a knife. Whatever you see you want to cut it and see. If you cut open things and see, you will know one aspect of reality. You will not the... know the whole of it. If you open up this man, you may see how the heart is doing dupu dupu but you will not know this man. You will not know the most vital aspect of who he is, all the other details you will know.

So, with this how far will you go? Physicality is all that you can cut, isn’t it? Yes? Physicality is the only thing you can cut. Can you cut something which is not physical? And all you got is a knife. Okay, you also have a wife but... (Laughter) I’m sure she doesn’t let it use it on her, your intellect. Does she? She’ll immediately put an end to it, because she knows this is not going to go anywhere. There’s one thing about woman - the more intellectual you are, the more trouble you have with women, because (Laughter) they know this damn knife will not take you far. (Laughs) It’s not by cutting that you will know. It is by inclusion that you will know. That your intellect cannot do, it can only chop. Chopping - vegetables are okay. Life doesn’t work like that. You can't chop life and know it. You have to be... include it. Only then you know it. That’s a different dimension of intelligence which intellect cannot do.

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