Often we face dilemmas in making decisions at work. There comes a time when the conflict arises between doing the right thing and doing what is needed at the moment. Which path do you choose? Let’s see what Sadhguru has to say about it.

Sadhguru: See, now you got into a running race. You have only 2 legs. You run at a certain speed. There is somebody else who has four legs, who runs much faster than you.  But by running with four legs, he makes himself into a donkey.

You want to maintain your human nature and still do business. Business is your survival. Survival you do up to the extent that you have to do. But being human is an important objective in your life. Most people don’t think so. Their survival has taken them to a place where they are willing to be like wild animals.


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Just because the situations become a little difficult, we don’t have to forsake our humanity. But there are current realities, which you cannot ignore completely. There is corruption, there are difficult situations where there is no other option. People may talk moralistically, but if you look at life realities, there are so many problems on a day-to-day basis. Those things have to be handled the way it works in society. We would like to create an ideal society tomorrow, that’s another aspect. But if you want to do work today, you must do it the way it works.

How to work in the society we have to see. But still, we don’t give up what we want. What’s valuable for us, we are not going to give it up but we have to work with the society and social realities as it is. You can’t ignore it.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Track Meet Racing Macro by tpsdave