Natural Dyeing Infrastructure

India has been home to a wealth of knowledge on natural dyes and dyeing techniques.

India has been home to a wealth of knowledge on natural dyes and dyeing techniques, which are of utmost relevance for today’s world, where there is a steady move towards sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Brands are rushing to adopt sustainable ways of production and several brands are positioning themselves around this concept.

Natural dyes, vegan clothing, natural yarns and organic garments are rising more rapidly than ever. Also, the curiosity about how dyed fabrics interact with our body and skin is growing.

However, many of these methods are on the verge of extinction due to disuse. It remains our endeavor to make natural dyes the norm in the industry and we envision a future where chemical-free production is not just a unique selling point for fashion houses but an obvious choice.

We plan on developing an infrastructure for natural dyes by:

  • Setting up natural dyeing facilities in regions where they do not exist currently.
  • Encouraging weavers to switch to natural dyes.
  • Conducting workshops to train weavers, allied service providers, and entrepreneurs in the art of natural dyeing.
  • Educating consumers online about the benefits of wearing naturally dyed garments.
  • Regulating current methods of dyeing and bringing about immediate shifts wherever possible.
  • Providing easy access to extracts of natural dyes.


Here’s how you can help create an infrastructure for natural dyes.

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