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Pournami Pooja

Pournami Pooja


You can be in touch with the Grace of Adi Yogi no matter where you live by receiving prasadam. You can be in touch with the Grace of Adi Yogi no matter where you live by receiving prasadam offered to Adi Yogi on full moon days. Shipped to your home monthly, the Pournami Pooja prasadam package includes:

~ a copper pot of vibhuti or ash for applying between the eyebrows at the ajna chakra—directing energies to that point;

~ prasadam or an energized sweet made from black sesame and raw cane sugar for you to consume and share;

~ a neem leaf—a bitter-flavored, cleansing herb which can be consumed to enhance health;

~ a flower that you may keep with you in your pocket or purse;

~ an Adi Yogi sutra, a consecrated thread to be worn for 40-48 days on the left wrist for women and the right wrist for men. The sutra offers the wearer support for their spiritual growth.

Upcoming Dates

Abode processes and classes are available by appointment only. Registration for all processes is required a minimum of a day in advance.

call: 931-668-1900

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Other Processes and Offerings

Trigun Offering

Trigun Offering – Vibhuti, turmeric and vilva or neem leaf are offered to the linga.

Ayush Kriya

Ayush Kriya includes Klesha Nashana Kriya and Loha Aparnam, an offering of precious metals. Register here.


Vidyarambham is a process which introduces children to knowledge and learning. Booking, queries and upcoming dates can be found here.