Yet another installment of the series “In Conversation with the Mystic” was held in Hyderabad last week on 10th January at Hitex Exhibition Center, Madhapur. Labeled “Youth and Truth”, the event saw Sadhguru converse with the popular young actor Siddharth on a variety of subjects.

Even as they began, Siddharth told the audience that given the fascinating conversation he and Sadhguru had shared in the car on their way there, he was doubtful they could recapture even 10% of it. However, their rapport was delightfully effervescent, and the two speakers teased and ribbed each other all through the evening.

Faithfully taking up his role as a representative of “youth”, Siddharth started off by asking Sadhguru if anger could be used to make a difference in society. Sadhguru responded by saying, “Anger is not a virtue, it is a certain degradation of a human being… To be in rage, you don’t have to be conscious. To remain out of rage, you have to be conscious. Once you’re conscious, you’re inclusive. Once you’re inclusive, you’re a solution.”

Among a series of unusual questions, Siddharth wanted to know if Sadhguru was a romantic, to which Sadhguru’s response was “I'm romancing the whole universe.”


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The topics of conversation moved to Sadhguru’s experience on Chamundi Hill, violence in society and the gun culture, the culture of protest currently rife in India and education. Talking of raising a new generation, Sadhguru joked that it’s easier to find a nuclear scientist in our country than a carpenter. He said: “If you do not skill India, you kill India.”

With the time running out, Siddharth fired his final salvo. Preparing the audience that this was going to be a very important question, he asked: “How does the Indian cricket team become better?” At this, Sadhguru flung his head back in laughter and then responded: “Give them to me… for three weeks.”