Isha Vidhya participated in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon yesterday, Dec 15th, 2013. An educational initiative of Isha Outreach, Isha Vidhya received support from corporates including: SFAC, Hitach Metglas, Akhya Media and Mutual PR, Airport Authority of India and Gail. As for the Isha volunteers and runners, well… they had a blast! Take a look at the photo slideshow – it says it all.


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The 320 runners for Isha Vidhya made up the second largest NGO group at the event. Thirty of the runners were in the 21 km category including the oldest runner, Srinivasa Raghavan, aged 63, who finished the race in 2 hours, 50 min!

Among the runners, 35 school girls showed their support for educating rural India, sporting nifty t-shirts to spread the message. And Sadhguru’s message was most inspiring, resonating with every runner at the marathon and every cause. Isha volunteers and other onlookers were elated to see his message, and it served to lift everyone’s spirits:

Your every step is making a child’s life.
Your pain is easing the pain of another life.
Run joyfully – and make a life.

Love & Blessings