Isha meditators in Hyderabad were privileged and delighted to have Sadhguru in their midst for a sathsang on 22 November. Attended by close to 2000 people, the occasion was the perfect way to launch the lead up to the mega program, Inner Engineering with Sadhguru, which will take place from 15 to 17 February 2013 at RRC Grounds in Secunderabad.

As people started coming in early for the 6.45pm sathsang, Sounds of Isha welcomed them with their tunes. A short video containing glimpses of Ananda Alai megaprograms in Tamil Nadu followed, along with an announcement that the upcoming Hyderabad program would be offered with Telugu translation. A thousand people have already registered themselves for the program and with almost three months to go, several thousand more are sure to follow.


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The upcoming Hyderabad mega-program would be offered with Telugu translation.

Later, as Sadhguru walked in, Sounds of Isha, in a nod to the local flavor, performed verses of the 17th century Telugu poet Vemana. Sadhguru began the sathsang with “Nada Brahma.” During the sathsang, Sadhguru spoke about two kinds of intelligence: one that is memory-based and one that is sheer perception. He explained the role memory plays in forming karma. Talking of the importance in keeping the body in readiness for spiritual progress, Sadhguru mentioned that Isha would soon be introducing Surya Kriya, a way to align the body with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. Sadhguru also gave a fascinating description of how the latitude of a location influences the way energy rises in the human body.

Since the mega program “Inner Engineering with Sadhguru” was formally launched this evening, meditators took home posters, information leaflets and forms so that they can spread the word of the upcoming event.

Details about the “Inner Engineering with Sadhguru” program in Hyderabad are available at: