Sadhguru engages participants in a Q&A session during a program in Spanda Hall at the Isha Yoga Center

Shambhavi Programs

Their luck is in! Inner Engineering Online participants will have the wonderful opportunity to be initiated by Sadhguru when he conducts the Shambhavi programs at San Francisco on Apr 30th & May 1st and at Atlanta on May 14th & 15th. This will mark the first time that Sadhguru imparts the ancient and powerful kriya, Shambhavi Mahamudra for Inner Engineering Online participants.

Sadhguru's first Shambhavi program is surely something that Inner Engineering Online participants will be looking forward to. Many individuals across the globe have benefited from the Inner Engineering Online Program which has transformed their lives without them having to step out of their homes. Evita Ochel shares her experience after taking the online program:

"When the last class came, I knew better not to attach myself to the ending, but nonetheless I knew that the next evening I would miss Sadhguru’s presence and wisdom as part of my day. It had become such a delicious way to end each day. For that 1 and a half hours I was immersed fully and completely, not in some mind-numbing TV program, but something that awakened, revitalized and stimulated the whole of my being. When the concluding part came, I could not help but end off with tears in my eyes. The feelings were of pure bliss and joy knowing that I got such a valuable gift, which would only improve my life even more."

Namath, an Isha meditator also shared in a recent interview with Women Now TV, how Isha Yoga had enhanced and transformed her life.

Sadhguru Darshan

The word "darshan" literally means "to behold" or "to see." If you behold something with a total willingness of wanting to take that imprint into you, and if you reduce yourself, then you will see this image grows and becomes a live process.


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Vibhuti, the sacred ash, is blessed and offered to all.

Be in the presence of Sadhguru, listen to his talks and get answers to the most burning questions. Sadhguru's Darshan will be available from May 5 to 13 and May 23 to 27 at iii – Tennessee. The Darshan will be open to all.

For those of you in India – don't despair! The Darshans will be webcast live at 4.30 AM Indian Standard Time.

Healing with the Masters series interview - May 17th

Sadhguru will be interviewed as a part of the Healing with the Masters series on May 17th, Buddha Pournami.

Bhava Spandana Program with Sadhguru

Sadhguru will be conducting BSP at iii from May 19 to 22. The Bhava Spandana Program (BSP) is a four-day, three-night residential program offered to those who have completed one of the introductory programs - Inner Engineering or Isha Yoga (Tamil). This advanced meditation program is designed by Sadhguru to provide the opportunity to experience higher levels of consciousness beyond the limitations of body and mind. BSP offers the experience of a world of limitless love and joy.

Bhava Spandana is like making a person jump and look beyond the wall. He sees beyond his limitation experientially. Once he sees that, he knows that he must go over the wall one day to see what is on the other side.

An Evening with the Mystic" in Toronto

Sadhguru will be giving a public talk at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 28th. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your postman. Don't miss it!