Pre-Anaadhi Sathsang with Sadhguru at the iii, USA

246 meditators, supported by 17 volunteers, gathered at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences (iii) between 20 and 21 March for a Sathsang with Sadhguru as part of the application process to attend the Anaadhi program. This 90-day residential program is to be held at the iii from 3 May to 31 July 2010. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Isha meditators in the USA to truly transform themselves in the lap of the Master.

There was a decidedly different tenor to this event than other programs, as people weighed the gravity of this 90-day commitment for themselves; for their family, friends, colleagues, and for Sadhguru himself. This was a filtering process and a time for all to consider their personal situations, their family and financial responsibilities, before stepping into this. Participating would come at a great cost and everyone recognized that this would change their lives, but what motivated them to want this, and were they ready for it? Sadhguru asked everyone present to consider why they were there and what they hoped would happen during and after the completion of the 90-day program. This deep, inner looking resulted in almost as many responses as there were people present, with some admitting that they could find no “reasonable” answer. In the presence of a Master, one must face his own truth, and while this weekend was billed as an interview, it was really a “view inward,” a time for the stark truth of making this commitment. With clarity and firmness, Sadhguru helped those present identify the resistance in themselves and encouraged them to acknowledge the responsibilities that needed to be addressed before they could commit to Anaadhi.

Sadhguru related that the first 90-day program in India initially was taken up as part of the development of the Dhyanalinga, but that the experience became something other than they could have planned for. He explained that the Sanskrit word anaadhi means “beginningless.” Hence, what was being offered naturally is also endless, because something that does not have a beginning also cannot have an end. Once this spiritual process is on, there is just no stopping it.

Alongside with Anaadhi, Sadhguru is offering three-week Sadhana (spiritual practices towards inner growth) for Isha meditators in the US who are not able to come for the three months, so that they are still able to make use of the opportunity for their growth and wellbeing.


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