A After a month of waiting expectantly, the morning of the first Isha Kriya offering in Penang, Malaysia finally dawned. The volunteers had risen to the occasion ensuring the hall was in the pristine and enchanting Isha style of ambience. A crisp registration desk in front of the beautiful Isha Triangle banner, with smiling joyful meditators welcoming the guests, a spic and span shoe stand in all its uniformity. A welcoming team and many ushers guided the participants into the hall where Sounds of Isha’s music rang a tranquil note cajoling people into a serene mood, before the blast off.

The hall filled up with close to 200 participants and about 50 volunteers. People who had walked in earlier were visibly touched by the atmosphere of the hall, right from the time they were greeted at registration till when they were seated. They wore smiles and some sat with their eyes closed, apparently soaking up the music. When the time came to be guided into the Kriya some eagerly sat on the floor and most of them appeared deeply meditative. It was so fulfilling to see that by the end of the session, most had brighter faces and surely brighter eyes than when they entered.

The question and answer session was dynamic and interactive. One of the interesting questions asked, “How do you know the Kriya works?” The answer came back as, “Why do you buy a Canon or a Nikon product? It’s time tested right? You know it is reliable because the brand has proven it works, for everyone. Similarly, Isha too is a tested brand for me, and so far everything that Sadhguru has given me has worked wonders.” The reply was greeted with enthusiastic clapping from the volunteers!

Many people extended heartfelt thanks for the session and collected the Isha Kriya DVD and instruction leaflet together with a brochure of Sadhguru’s upcoming visit to Kuala Lumpur in August this year. About a dozen signed up for the Inner Engineering Online course.

- Isha Penang volunteers


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