A bout a week ago we got our first snow of the season here at iii, and it sure was beautiful. All the trees were covered in a white coat of snow and it definitely got us into the season. Unfortunately, a few days later it was all gone! We had some unseasonably warm temperatures for a few days and had some good volleyball games in those afternoons. Now as I'm writing this it's a bit chilly again although I still love the crispness in the air. I took one picture with my phone right after it stopped snowing facing the forest and it shows just how different it looked that day. I've also included some shots they took later in the day where you can see some signs of people tracing those paths.

Last week we also started work for the three-day Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Houston program happening this May. We have some great Holiday discounts available, so people can make use of this for the holidays and give the wonderful gift of joy and wellbeing to their families!

We had a big Shoonya class here at the ashram recently, and it was good to see so many faces that I haven't seen for a while. The last night, due to the weather conditions, we had a brief power outage. I was getting ready to head to dinner when suddenly all the lights went out! Now at most places this would bring everything to a standstill, maybe some people would panic and be uneasy about it, with the temperature being as cold as it is. When I got to the dining hall, I opened the door to Sounds of Isha playing to a candlelit crowd of people, joyfully eating and talking to one another like nothing was out of order. This brought a smile to my face and a recognition that we can handle all kinds of situations in the best possible way and make it something beautiful.

For Christmas this year, we had a small group of people here at the ashram and we made the most of it. It was a beautiful day outside as we all went on a hike to one of the waterfalls and one of the cliffs overlooking the Cumberland Valley. Many people in the country like to see snow on Christmas day but personally it was quite enjoyable to be outside with a clear sky and sun beaming down on us.

After we got back from the hike, a few of us decided that we should go caroling to all of the different offices around the campus and play a few Christmas songs. Many laughs were had and it was great to see everyone’s smiling faces when we walked in playing “Frosty the Snowman”. During dinner we had Christmas music playing in the background, which is quite a change from the Sounds of Isha! After dinner we all watched a movie together as everyone began to tire from the full day of fun and activity. Everyone exchanged a few presents throughout the day but I think being in the presence of everyone here at the ashram is the gift that keeps on giving.


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