My Grief

These blood soaked mountains of Lebanon

Pretending innocence covered

in the raiment of spring blossom

and the earthy smells and flowery fragrances.

Striving to cover the shrieks of the

terror stricken – freshly made widow

and the incoherent cries of the babe in her arms

The cool breeze from the Mediterranean

toils to cover the nostrils with a salty camouflage


The stench of fear, pain, death and grief

linger on to soak one’s heart in despondent

grief of wastefulness of life and death


Standing beyond life and death

still by choice a part of it.

I let this seamless grief sink in

having witnessed the murder of

love, trust and the fundamentals of humanity

In the painful knowing that

elements more precious than life can die.


Grief, this seamless grief I make

my cloak to contrast

my blissful core.

Love & Grace