Technical Intervention

Textile experts can support weaving communities by upgrading existing tools that will make the looms more efficient.

Textile experts and institutions can support weaving communities with their technical expertise to help optimize existing processes and bring in innovation to increase productivity and enhance quality.

This intervention could be in terms of production equipment, machinery, the loom or other technical aspects. The goal is to employ methods and tools to make the equipment in use more efficient.

This could include an enhanced warping drum for creating defect-free warps and helping reduce the area required to make a warp or having advanced fly shuttle looms to bring down the cost of production. You could also help by replacing the steel frame of a loom with a bamboo frame, which is cheaper, more durable, and more easily repairable.

Technical intervention also includes skill upgradation training for weavers.

Through new technology, we can help ease the burden of physical labor for these weaving communities.

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